Edward Lawler


For over thirty years Ed Lawler has been an active consultant to large and small organizations in both the private and public sectors. He has worked with many of the Fortune 100 companies.

Ed has worked on a large number of organizational effectiveness issues. His interest in compensation and reward systems has led to considerable work in this area. In addition he has consulted on organizational design, organizational change management and a host of issues concerning the design and implementation of HR management systems.

Ed enjoys consulting and feels that he has a great deal to offer. His wealth of experience working with a wide range of organizations coupled with his in-depth understanding of research literature on what, in fact, works and what doesn't have insured that he is in constant demand. However, the time that he can devote to consulting is limited by his commitments at the Center for Effective Organizations and to teaching at the University of Southern California. Therefore, on many consulting projects he teams with individual consultants and consulting firms so that clients are assured of having the full range of consulting support they need.