Self-managing work teams... job enrichment... gainsharing. These are some of the participative management approaches gaining widespread popularity in thousands of organizations across the country. They share the common goal of increasing employee involvement - and thereby raising quality, productivity, and performance. But how well do these management approaches really work? Which ones work best? What are their advantages and problems? How can they best be put into practice?

Edward Lawler answers these and other important questions about participative management. He details how each major approach works, its particular strengths, costs, and savings, and offers guidelines for implementation. And he shows how to deal with common problems companies have experienced with these approaches - such as a short life span and increasing salary and training costs.

Lawler brings together the best of each approach to present a comprehensive model for integrating participative management approaches into all levels of an organization.


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Edward E. Lawler III
High Involvement Management
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1986


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