First published in 1998, Strategies for High Performance Organizations gave executives their first comprehensive look at how well the most popular improvement programs of the day were actually working throughout the Fortune 1000. Now, three years later, this latest edition updates those findings for today's business world and reviews some new developments as well. Like its predecessor, this edition distills a library's worth of research into an easy-to-interpret, jargon-free presentation. It examines the various employee involvement, TQM, and reengineering efforts embraced by leading corporations over the years, explains how they were managed, and tells which worked, which did not, and why. Trends and patterns in the newly emerging fields of knowledge management and e-commerce are also presented for the first time. Readers can expect a goldmine of information that they can use to benchmark their own programs, to determine if a program is right for their organization, and to set new strategies for the future. Includes a CD-ROM containing all the informative charts and graphs found in the book.


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Edward E. Lawler, Susan A. Mohrman, George Benson
Organizing for High Performance: Employee Involvement, TQM, Re-engineering, and Knowledge Management in the Fortune 1000
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass





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