Edward Lawler


Ed Lawler enjoys public speaking and has given numerous talks to a wide variety of audiences. He typically gives several speeches a month and has spoken in many European, Central and South American, African and Asian countries. The audiences for his talks have included general managers, executives, government officials, organization development specialists and human resource management professionals. He enjoys speaking to, and working with, relatively small groups as well as very large audiences. He has recently been giving presentations that involve distance learning.

His speaking engagements have addressed a wide range of topics. When he talks to general management audiences, he usually addresses issues of organization design, change management, organization effectiveness, and talent management.  Most recently he has been asked to speak on attracting and retaining critical talent and creating agile, high-speed, organizations.

Ed frequently speaks to human resource management audiences. When he addresses these groups, he talks about his work on pay and reward systems. In many of his recent presentations he has talked about his experience in redesigning the human resources function to create a better business partnership.