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What to Look for When Recruiting Dentists

What to Look for When Recruiting Dentists

When it comes to recruiting dental professionals, there are many factors to consider. Dental professionals work in the medical field. They examine teeth and mouth for possible signs of oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease, and then they treat them. Needless to say, dental professionals have big responsibility for their patients – consequently, you have big responsibility for hiring the right professionals.

When you find a new potential dentist, you will want to carefully scrutinize their qualifications before you hire them for your company. To help you do this, we have compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself when considering new candidates.

Do They Have a License?

A dentist license is a legal document that entitles the holder to practice dentistry. In many jurisdictions, this license is granted by a government body or professional organization after the person has satisfied the requirements for education and examination. If the candidate does not have this license, the course of action is obvious: throw them off the list.

Do They Have any Certification?

A certification is a way of proving that the person is well-educated in their profession and is interested in continuing to learn more about their field, since much more training is required to be certified than to be licensed. In order to receive a certification, the individual must be an active member of their particular dental association, have completed an accredited program from an accredited university, and have passed a state-approved examination.

What is Their Specialty?

Whether it’s odontology, implant dentistry, or any other field, your dental practice will benefit from having a specialist as part of the staff. They will bring new perspectives and insights to patients’ problems, and will enable you to keep clients instead of referring them to other specialist clinics.

What is Their Experience Level?

Dentist candidates should have a minimum of 2 years experience in dentistry. This would include dental assistant, dental auxiliary, dental hygienist or other relevant experience.

A final thing to consider is that you should make sure that the dentist will work well with the rest of your team. If they are not compatible with the others on staff, conflict may arise and cause negativeness in your office environment.

For more detailed of each of these points that we touched on above, you can refer to the sources we used to prepare this article.


  • MarPark Dental Care: MarPark Dental, a dental clinic in Calgary, Canada
  • Stange Tannhelse: Tannlege i Hamar, a dental clinic in Hamar, Norway
  • Podium, a messaging platform based in Melbourne, Austrlia, that connects healthcare businesses with their patients

What to Look for When Recruiting Legal Professionals

What to Look for When Recruiting Legal Professionals

Finding a good lawyer can be tough. To succeed with your law firm over the long run, it’s important to find the best lawyer for your needs. With this in mind, it’s essential to understand that not all lawyers are created equal. In fact, some may provide mediocre services, while others provide exceptional services. The key is to learn how to distinguish between these two – and that’s no easy task.

According to Morten Cruys, CEO of a distinguished Norwegian law firm, Tingmann – Advokat i Stavanger, the way to find great legal professionals is to look at their skills, personal characteristics, and values. If a candidate has the right combination of these three, they are most likely the right person for the job.

Following is what we learned in one of Morten’s talks that he gave in Stavanger, Norway this September.

What Are The Essential Skills You Should Be Looking For In A Lawyer?

There are three essential skills that you should be looking for in a lawyer. These are:

  1. The ability to work effectively with colleagues
  2. Strong analytical skills
  3. Excellent writing abilities

The first skill is one of the most important requirements for any professional. A lawyer needs to be able to work effectively with colleagues at work and in court. This is because they need to know how to communicate different points of view and persuade others on different sides of an issue at hand.

The second skill is one that is often overlooked by many people who often look for lawyers based on their experience or location. However, you can’t go wrong when hiring people who have strong analytical skills since they will help you build cases, research evidence, and present your case effectively in court.

The third skill may seem a bit less important, but a large part of a legal professional’s job is to write. They spend a lot of billable time writing emails to clients, laying out their arguments and evidence, and writing legal briefs.

If you find someone who ticks these three boxes, you have a strong chance of hiring a team member that will help take your law firm to new heights.

What Are the Top Personal Characteristics of Great Lawyers?

Lawyers are an indispensable part of society. They act as a mediator between the parties involved in a legal dispute and make sure that they get justice. Great lawyers have a range of character traits which make them capable of handling complex cases and reaching a verdict quickly.

The personal characteristics you should look for in potential lawyer hirees include:

  • Excellent problem-solving skills (a trait which is strongly related to strong analytical skills, as mentioned above)
  • Great communication skills (which is related to writing abilities)
  • Patience, as cases can often last for months and years before being resolved
  • High work ethics; there’s often a lot of evidence to be mined, and rules to understand
  • Team player; utilizing every available person and resource to succeed with a case

What Are the Top Values of Good Lawyers?

While a good lawyer must have the necessary qualities and skills to succeed, this success will be shallow if they don’t base it on a foundation of strong moral values; values like honesty, integrity and justice.

Honesty demonstrates that they will be honest with their clients about their case and the prospects of winning. Integrity shows their clients they can deliver on promises, such as confidentiality agreements, and be trustworthy in every other aspect of their professional life, such as fee payment or billing practices or malpractice insurance claims. Valuing justice supports the legal system, which is designed to ensure fair treatment for all parties involved in a legal dispute.

To summarize: If you can find a candidate who possesses the right combination of skills, personal characteristics, and values, there’s a good chance that you want them to come work for you in your law firm. 

CV mistakes we see people make every day in Norway

CV mistakes we see people make every day in Norway

Writing a good CV is about far more than listing where you have studied and where you have worked previously. In addition to the job application itself, this is the document that will convince the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job. It follows that you should be able to boast with a well-thought-out and well-selling CV.


The first step on the road is to avoid the common mistakes that recruiters and employers see all too often, and which lead to the CV ending up in the no pile. 


  1. You do not describe what you do

It is common to write your job and title in the CV, but perhaps less common to describe what the role entailed. Understanding your area of ​​responsibility, your budget responsibilities, personnel responsibilities, and your experience as a group leader are valuable pieces of information for the person reading your CV.


  1. You do not describe what you have achieved

It is an advantage if you describe the results. What have you accomplished over the years at the workplace in question? Feel free to write about your own or your company’s results compared to the market’s results during the same period. All this you can include in two to three sentences. 


CVGuru, the most popular CV help service in Norway, offers CV templates that are beautiful and easy to use, and just about all of them include a few sentences for describing work responsibilities and achievements. 


  1. You assume that others know the company

If you have not worked in a well-known company, it may be a good idea to write a short description of the company. «XX is an international company engaged in game development. The company has 65 employees at the Stockholm office and a turnover of x number of millions annually.” It gives the reader information that you have worked in an international environment – a parameter that may be very important in the current job profile.


  1. You start with an educational background

We can sometimes see CVs where the candidate begins with their educational background and then describe their work experience. It is a wise CV disposition if you are a student and applying for your first job. As soon as you have gained work experience, however, you should first present your experience.


  1. You write too much

Long CVs are difficult to get through. A few pages is a good guideline. Highlight only what matters. Communicate clearly what you are good at and have experience with. Begin your CV with a summary of who you are, i.e. a few lines of your strengths, before you go into your work experience.


  1. You «namedrop»

Some assume that the recipient knows everything about their experience, their previous employer, and industry. They talk about other seemingly familiar names and are too internal with their language. 

Top Reasons HR is Important for the Success of Businesses

Top Reasons HR is Important for the Success of Businesses

HR or Human Resources is an important department that carries out a number of tasks and activities. Right from enrolment to well-being, HR is responsible for carrying out tasks that matter the most. Due to that, it holds a place of importance in the business world and is rightfully classified into the success of the same. However, a small statement cannot completely help you understand the role or importance of HR for the success of a business. So here are the top reasons why HR is essential for the success of businesses.

Top Reasons HR is Important for the Success of Businesses

1. Employee Satisfaction

Looking after your employees and meeting their needs is an essential task that requires no introduction. If you want your organization to achieve its objectives, you need employees ready to carry that dream forward. Due to that, employee satisfaction holds the ground of importance, and every business needs to make sure that their employees are provided with what they need. From proper remuneration to job security, your employees need to get all that they deserve.

2. Training

An organization or a business cannot expect to face competition and come out as the stronger opponent if they don’t have the required firepower. Since employees are the ones who take things forward, you need to make sure that they are properly trained and equipped to handle everything. As a result, training and development comes into the picture, with HR being the central force that guides everything. As the HR department analyzes its employees, they will be aware of the ones that require training and the ones that need the push.

3. Budget

Controlling one’s budget and sticking to the proper limit is another crucial task that all business organizations look to achieve. Nobody wants to exceed their budget and begin to head in the wrong direction. However, you cannot possibly stick to the budget without consulting HR or seeking their help on the matter. The different methods developed by the HR department helps organizations stay in control and not run off their financial budget. So if you wish to truly achieve success within the right budget, HR needs to come along the picture and make things right.

4. Conflict Resolution

When different kinds of individuals are placed under one roof, things are bound to change a little. As a result, the road to conflicts will eventually begin, and that will always affect productivity. Due to that, you need to avoid such conflicts and deal with them in the right manner. Since this is the HR department’s basic role, one need not guess where the responsibility begins and ends. Hence, the HR department plays an important role, and it performs its duties in ensuring that your business finds success.