What to Look for When Recruiting Dentists

What to Look for When Recruiting Dentists

When it comes to recruiting dental professionals, there are many factors to consider. Dental professionals work in the medical field. They examine teeth and mouth for possible signs of oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease, and then they treat them. Needless to say, dental professionals have big responsibility for their patients – consequently, you have big responsibility for hiring the right professionals.

When you find a new potential dentist, you will want to carefully scrutinize their qualifications before you hire them for your company. To help you do this, we have compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself when considering new candidates.

Do They Have a License?

A dentist license is a legal document that entitles the holder to practice dentistry. In many jurisdictions, this license is granted by a government body or professional organization after the person has satisfied the requirements for education and examination. If the candidate does not have this license, the course of action is obvious: throw them off the list.

Do They Have any Certification?

A certification is a way of proving that the person is well-educated in their profession and is interested in continuing to learn more about their field, since much more training is required to be certified than to be licensed. In order to receive a certification, the individual must be an active member of their particular dental association, have completed an accredited program from an accredited university, and have passed a state-approved examination.

What is Their Specialty?

Whether it’s odontology, implant dentistry, or any other field, your dental practice will benefit from having a specialist as part of the staff. They will bring new perspectives and insights to patients’ problems, and will enable you to keep clients instead of referring them to other specialist clinics.

What is Their Experience Level?

Dentist candidates should have a minimum of 2 years experience in dentistry. This would include dental assistant, dental auxiliary, dental hygienist or other relevant experience.

A final thing to consider is that you should make sure that the dentist will work well with the rest of your team. If they are not compatible with the others on staff, conflict may arise and cause negativeness in your office environment.

For more detailed of each of these points that we touched on above, you can refer to the sources we used to prepare this article.


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